I’m Talking To You


I’m talking to you with my words, they desire to sing inside your heart and make you smile today.

Time goes by too quickly, but I write faster for the beats of your heart. Our lives need love and I’m sharing every passionate note that you have wished for.

I only admire you, a classy woman under an umbrella walking in the rain for my love. This story is a romantic one that will always be remember by the loving ink of my books of poetry. My vision is clear as you kiss my eyes to the truth of your affections.

So as I wait in the pouring rain I know that you will soon grab my hand and hold it tightly. On this park beach my written words drip with the storm and my tears tonight, but my wishes of you will soon be a reality. I smile because the world is right for one night, in this blizzard of joyful recollection all about your soul.


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My Flight For Your Heart


My flight for your heart has begun over the dark sky that you look up at often with ideas.

Your brilliance pointed me to your considerate era for intimacy that I must grip with my own thinking to mingle with your soul.

My rhythm is a position that is calling your jubilation, this eternity appears abruptly, and it can only be captured by your luminous spiritedness. Let me smile when I’m with you, these occasions have been invented for our visions of acknowledgment.


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Washed Away


Welcome to your life, I admire everything about your love, you make me smile so much.

Help me through these unknown times of disinformation and I’ll teach you how to believe in the truth that the future wants your eyes to admit.

Life is so simple when you stay positive and continue to become a better person with the right kind of knowledge. Hatefulness will never breakdown anything that we battle for. Let my expressions advice your thoughts of glory.

Our capable minds shall never be defeated in this war of intelligence, the Lord will never let us fall to the antipathy. The rule of the elites will spiral into the abyss as my words become more energetic, The time is now to direct my work ethic to the strength of my mentality, and we will collapse the corrupted system permanently, those intentions begin when I blink my eyes, blink!


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Ink From A Flower


The ink from a Flower knows the golden clouds that I write about with all my love and all my passion.

One day my ink will reunite with those kisses that our dreams have created, this kind of affection will never go unnoticed in time.

The Angels of Heaven watch me fight off the evils to get back to the level of devotion that I need to reach to embrace your soul. The expedition has been a war in the early morning hours of my mind, The unholy voices want me to quit, but I continue on for us.

We have always believed in each other like we believe in the Lord, and this makes our love natural and untouchable by the shadows in the darkness of life. We pray for one more day to kiss under the moonlight. Worship is the truth when you know that your goals will be accomplished under the clear sky that very few have ever observed.


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Into Your Hands


Take my heart into your hands and feel everything that I was, everything that I have become, and everything that history will talk about. My soul is a bright light for the world to read. Happiness is here and that is why you desire it to find the knowledge that I possess in these time of information. I need you to understand the truth about life and the truth about living.

Take my heart into your hands and you will always be free with the love that belongs to your mind. Don’t let them hurt you with what they want you to believe, be an individual and always stand for your dreams and your thoughts.

The system will never take away your abilities of greater thinking if you fight for the freedoms that are your birthrights.

Eternity is calling your name and the Lord is waiting for you to arrive in Heaven with His love.


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Writing With My Tears


Writing with my tears, can you feel them? They belong to you if they become happiness or sadness, are you ready for my poetry?

Paradise is closely watching our every moves in this life of living for positivity and love.

Soon we will be free and the sky will take our journey into the wind, new living begins with a passion to believe in something more, so we look into our hearts and we will always feel the contact from above, it is this destiny that smiles for us.

Unconditional affection is the intensity that walks with our dreams and fights for us when we need guidance in these dark hours. We survive the conflicts of the evils to make it home with euphoria. Our souls know our eyes of victory, and the stories of this moment become mythical pages of romantic conversations. We must wake up from this dream and live it before it’s too late.


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Warm Memories In The Cold


Warm memories in the cold, they have been linked to our dreams with the dedication inside our spirits. The mood takes us away into the atmosphere as we fly to new elevations in space.

We now watch over the moon with our perceptions of this love that we hold for each other.

The gratification has become a deeper memory to contemplate as we kiss in the beautiful orbit of affection. My psyche is influenced by this fascination that you allow my heart to taste, your mind is as sweet as your lips and I have fondness for everything that you are for us and for yourself.

This recognition grins when the storm decided to heat our reflections with a hug.


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