Moments From Heaven On Earth


These moments from Heaven on Earth have changed many thoughts, it has become the day that your thinking has finally changed. You must believe in all that is greatness and never follow the evil ways that the system has designed to control your mind. The Lord lives inside your soul and He lives inside your heart. Smile because you have been saved and you shall live for eternity with His blessings.

The beautiful touch that you are feeling will guide you into heaven with the greatness that has been with you for all your life. Positivity shall exile your sins, you are reborn into the golden Kingdom Of Heaven with happiness inside you.

These poetic lines are never hard to write, because I believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and my gift of poetry flows in His name with harmony.

Welcome to your forever and enjoy the blessings that have made you an Angel of God.


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Taking Flight With You


Taking flight with you as we play in the golden clouds and blue sky with happiness that we have created.

We both can feel the beauty of our souls dancing in Heaven and we know that the passion will carry us on to greatness.

Page by page we turn our lives to hold the love that we share, you paint and I write, and we never stop making passionate beauty with our art. Time leaves us all, but the memories that we make will forever touch the history of the world.

This is our dance and visions of our flight shall be remembered by those that need to believe in a positive way of living and a brighter life. I smile for you and we journey on into the clouds of love, we are blessed by the Lord and that is all that matters as we live our eternal lives with His affectionate touch.


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Raining With Beautiful Memories


Raining with beautiful memories I see the empty corner of the city looking at the words that I have passionately written. Time is walking in the wind and my heart only thinks about our moments shared with our journey. They become the bright and affectionate pieces of poetry that find your soul and make you smile with me forever.

Hold my hand as we explore this amazing midnight storm searching for the moonlight together with an untouched happiness. The poetic expressions flow with the harmonies of a single heartbeat under the dim street lamps.

The wet pavement tells the stories of the nights that we have dreamt about kissing and catching the teardrops from the sky.

I’ll be the one that you remember when you think deeply and search for my touch.


MoonSide Media © 2017




The Sunshine That You Bring Me


The sunshine that you bring me takes my heart into a new light

This kind of passion knows that we will always be together.

I feel no pain when I feel the beats of your heart

Our time will journey into eternity with these loving thoughts.

Poetry shall be ours throughout time

My smile grows for the happiness that you have blessed me with.

Enter my dreams and let us become one

You are so far away, but your touch is on my soul tonight.


MoonSide Media © 2017


In Loving Memory Of Snoop Skiba

SnooperThis is the first June in a decade that we haven’t been together Snooper, my heart feels your amazing life and it will continue shining with the golden ink from my poetic pen that is dedicated to your memory forever.

Thank you for all the moments that we have shared together and enjoy your eternal life in the Golden Kingdom Of Heaven.

You are the King Of Kings for cats and I’ll never forget your heartbeats in those perfect harmonies. I have cried many nights while I have remembered your purring next to me, your poetic expressions will live on in my soul always. You will be missed by our family, but one day we shall be together again.

The sky has opened up as I write you this love letter from my heart, the rain pours for your beautiful soul as I remember you. I can’t be sad for your happiness in Heaven, you are my Angel now.

The raindrops that are hitting my window are your teardrops and your kisses from Heaven, they fall from the sky and they give me my new inspirations that the world must taste.

The thunderstorm illuminates the darkness of the night and I know that you are sharing your happiness with me, you have been blessed by the Lord in His loving Heaven. I feel your Holy touch and I’m not afraid of the unknown in my life any longer.

My journey continues on and I’ll have your spirit in my heart every step of the way.

This has become our beginning.

On this amazing night in June, I know that I’m blessed with your soul and you love me as much as I love you.

Your tears of happiness have baptized your family forever Snoop, and we thank you.


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I’m Talking To You


I’m talking to you with my words, they desire to sing inside your heart and make you smile today.

Time goes by too quickly, but I write faster for the beats of your heart. Our lives need love and I’m sharing every passionate note that you have wished for.

I only admire you, a classy woman under an umbrella walking in the rain for my love. This story is a romantic one that will always be remember by the loving ink of my books of poetry. My vision is clear as you kiss my eyes to the truth of your affections.

So as I wait in the pouring rain I know that you will soon grab my hand and hold it tightly. On this park beach my written words drip with the storm and my tears tonight, but my wishes of you will soon be a reality. I smile because the world is right for one night, in this blizzard of joyful recollection all about your soul.


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My Flight For Your Heart


My flight for your heart has begun over the dark sky that you look up at often with ideas.

Your brilliance pointed me to your considerate era for intimacy that I must grip with my own thinking to mingle with your soul.

My rhythm is a position that is calling your jubilation, this eternity appears abruptly, and it can only be captured by your luminous spiritedness. Let me smile when I’m with you, these occasions have been invented for our visions of acknowledgment.


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