Your Canvas

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Your canvas makes me dreams about the love that you have provided my soul on this lonely winter night

My heart races for the greatness that Heaven want my expressions to write about in these times of need.

You are my Angel

Let me smile for these artistic moments that have come with your golden wings.

I’m only a poet, a messenger from God

You are His heart and you are His soul, and you love me.

My eyes are open

This place and this time shall never be forgotten!

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I’m Back

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I’m back after so many thoughts

My love for poetic expressions will never exit my heart or my bright soul.

These are the nights that I desire to share with you

It has been a year of change  for all of us, but the Lord Jesus still believes in us, and we must continue to believe in His message for our lives.

My words shall never go away, they will always be remember by the right side of history

I must share my poetry with the world to make it a better place, the truth will shine with my ink.

Open my books and my writings will show you how much I love to live for the love of God

Picture my smile inside your heart and it will beat with the harmony of passion forever.

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Last Words Here?

Maybe these are my last words here?

My mind is so tired.

After Five-hundred poetry books, twenty novels, and countless blog postings and articles

I must move on.

The greatness of a poet can’t stay in the same place for too long

The world moves and I’ll capture the truth at every point.

Day or night I belong to the Lord Jesus and His messages

That’s my soul and I share it with you, please smile for me now, and forever.

MoonSide Media © 2017





My ideas shall always shine

Censorship will be defeated.

I’m ready for these tears

The passion that I posses is undefeated.

I’m protected by Jesus

That makes me smile.

Join me in these passionate time

We are one and we will show the world the gifts that the Lord Jesus has blessed us with.

MoonSide Media © 2017


Sometimes It’s Had To Focus

Sometimes it’s hard to focus

I make it through the day because I believe.

God has always been with me on my journey

He lives inside my beating heart.

Artistic memories are painted

Life is created.

Nothing or no one will ever die inside the mind of an artist

We remember the greatest times in the brightness of the sunlight.

MoonSide Media © 2017


A Harmony From Heaven Plays

A harmony from Heaven plays tonight

The golden clouds talk to your affectionate soul.

Remembering is the key to your happiness

Never forgetting is your heart showing love.

I shall always be with you throughout your lifetime

My love belongs to your passions.

Smiling will make you shine again

Let my words guide you back to your greatness.

MoonSide Media © 2017

My Beautiful Piece Of Poetry

My beautiful piece of poetry

We flow with the Be Bop Jazz music.

Drifting away inside your arms

It’s such a peaceful moment.

My last hours are spent with your love

Tonight belongs to us.

Never forget my bright soul

Always remember my poetic words of a grateful change.

MoonSide Media © 2017